Who's on your homebuying team?

February 26 2019

Homebuying is never a solo task. Throughout the process, you will need many professionals and advisers by your side -- real estate agents, home inspectors, title agents, a loan officer and maybe even a financial adviser.

And the quality of those pros you choose? They will play a significant role in how successful, efficient and, most importantly, affordable your homebuying journey is.

Want to make sure you assemble the best homebuying team possible? Follow these tips:

1. Start by getting prequalified. 
Not only will prequalification give you an accurate price range to shop in, but I can also connect you with trusted experts as you move through the homebuying process.

2. Select your real estate agent next. 
Your agent will walk you through the bulk of the home search and be your negotiator when it comes time to make an offer. Make sure you choose someone who knows the specific community you’re hoping to buy in.

3. Be picky about your inspector.
A thorough inspector can save you thousands of dollars or even prevent you from buying a dud. Don’t just hire the first one you find. Do your research before hiring an inspector. 

4. Have advisers on hand. 
A financial adviser can help you align your future financial goals with your purchase. And a real estate attorney can help you avoid vague terminology in your purchase contract.

If you are considering buying a home this year, get in touch with me today. I can help you understand the current market, determine your price range and get you prequalified for a loan before your home search even begins. And if you need help finding the rest of your homebuying team, I have a network of trusted professionals you can speak with.

If you are considering buying or refinancing an investment property, please feel free to reach out to me to discuss our available financing options. Blueleaf is uniquely positioned to offer loan programs for 1-4 family investment properties as well as loan programs for all types of commercial property. Call me today if you would like to discuss!